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What are the security guard services?

Protecting people and property from theft, vandalism, and other criminal activity is the duty of a security guard. To maintain its safety, they acquire the skills to patrol and watch the area, manage an entry, respond to emergencies, and provide customer service. Security guard services in UAE are crucial in various locations, including workplaces, shopping centers, hotels, banks, and apartment buildings. Security guard services give residents, business owners, and employees a sense of security by maintaining a visible presence that discourages criminal activity. A security guard’s major responsibility is to maintain security. Still, they may also carry out a range of other tasks, such as running security checks, watching security cameras, assisting with parking and crowd control, and enforcing company rules.

What security guards can do?

  • Watch and patrol: Security officers have the right to patrol the area they are in charge of and to keep watch, keeping an eye out for any signs of potential danger or unauthorized entry.
  • Access management: Security guard security services may be able to limit access by checking IDs, ensuring that only individuals with the appropriate authorization are allowed on the property.
  • Use a little touch: Employ justifiable force to defend oneself or others from an assault by using the “moderate force” principle. Security officers may use force if required.
  • Observe and report: Security guards are required to watch and report any suspicious activity or occurrences while they are on duty.
  • Corporate standards enforcement: Corporate standards and any applicable laws or regulations, such as dress codes and no-smoking regulations, may be enforced by security personnel.
  • Customer service: By providing information and responding to inquiries, security guards can also provide customer service.

What security guards cannot do?

  • Breach the law: Security guards are prohibited from committing crimes like assault or theft while on the job since they are expected to maintain the law.
  • Discriminate: It is illegal for security guards to treat individuals differently based on their race, gender, religion, or any other protected characteristic.
  • Not conduct duties that are outside the scope of their training, authority, or area of competence: Security guards are not permitted to perform duties that are beyond the scope of their training, authority, or area of expertise.
  • Excessive force: Security personnel is not allowed to use more force than is deemed reasonable and are required to safeguard both themselves and others.
  • Privacy rights violations: According to the security guard agency, guards are expected to respect people’s right to privacy and are prohibited from acting in any way that does so, such as conducting unwanted monitoring.
In conclusion, the maintenance of safety and security in a variety of situations depends on security personnel. They are taught how to patrol the territory they are in charge of, keep an eye out for irregular activities, respect company rules, manage access, and offer customer service. Nonetheless, security professionals must act morally and legally; they are not allowed to discriminate, commit crimes, abuse excessive force, or engage in any other illegal activities. Security workers may effectively contribute to the safety and security of people as well as physical assets in a variety of contexts by being aware of their duties and obligations.

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