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Power Group strives hard in order to meet and exceed the diverse and demanding service expectations of clients. We provide soft facility management services under a variety of contracts, and we are equipped to handle various degrees of facility complexity. 

We provide a consistent strategy to maintain standards while acknowledging the unique needs and expectations of clients. We provide an expert for each service as we have onboard skilled employees who have expertise in different facets of soft services.

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Every space needs regular cleaning to make it worth living. Cleanliness is an indicator of the organizing abilities of human beings and also of their attention to their surroundings. Even cats and dogs clean the place where they sit.

General cleaning is one of the most wonderful services of the Power Group. We provide this soft service in Dubai for both office spaces as well homes. While almost all habitats undergo regular mopping and sweeping of the floors and dusting of the furniture pieces. Yet, certain areas of our houses, that come in regular use, often remain dirty. Hence, we bring to you the following 5 services under general cleaning.

Glass Cleaning Service​

Window panes are the most visible form of indoor glass. On the exterior, too glass walls, large window panes, and other transparent surfaces require regular cleaning. These surfaces might not look dirty to people who see them daily but for outsiders or clients, dirty transparent surfaces can be an instant turn-off. But you don’t have to worry about cleaning these surfaces yourself as Power Group has got you covered.

Mattress Cleaning

The mattress put on the bed is an object of daily use. We often cover the mattress with bed sheets and other such covers. While bed sheets and blankets are cleansed at regular intervals, people often forget to dust off the mattress. Mattresses can’t be put in water. Hence, we bring to you technical ways of cleaning mattresses that are just a call away.

Carpet Shampoo

Carpets enhance the beauty of the house and bind the whole aesthetic of the room together. However, given that they come under the feet so often, they get dirty soon. Being dirty also means that they attract more germs and are highly unhygienic. To ensure that the carpets at your place do not attract ill health you can book carpet shampoo service with us.

Sofa Shampoo

Sofas are another beautiful asset of the house or office. They come handier in the offices and are regularly visited by the guests at home. However, one can’t clean a sofa with water and detergent. Vacuum cleaners don’t do deep cleaning either. However, we shall ensure that when we clean your sofas, no traces of dust, dirt, stain, and odor remains.

Deep Cleaning

On special occasions or festivals, deep cleaning is a must for the house. Even otherwise, once in a month houses should undergo deep cleaning. Considering that it is again a daunting task for an individual to undertake, we have a range of services provided by professionals.

To avail of any of these soft service you can contact us via our phone number, email ID, or at our office.