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Power Group strives hard in order to meet and exceed the diverse and demanding service expectations of clients. We provide soft facility management services under a variety of contracts, and we are equipped to handle various degrees of facility complexity. 

We provide a consistent strategy to maintain standards while acknowledging the unique needs and expectations of clients. We provide an expert for each service as we have onboard skilled employees who have expertise in different facets of soft services.


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    Power Group Intl - The best Professional Soft Service in UAE

    Soft services can refer to several types of services. With regard to facility management, a professional soft service in UAE can avail several valuable services to its clients, making it easy to manage the facility.  

    Power Group Intl is among the best soft services companies in Dubai. All of us to tell you about our soft service portfolio and reasons why you should consider taking our services.

    Our Soft Facility Management Services

    The following are the types of professional soft service in UAE we provide to our clients:

    General Cleaning

    We provide holistic cleaning solutions to our customers. General cleaning can involve deep cleaning solutions as well as post-construction cleaning. The following are some of the services you can consider:

    • Glass Cleaning
    • Mattress Cleaning
    • Sofa Shampoo
    • Carpet Shampoo
    • General and deep cleaning/ Post Construction Cleaning


    Office Assistance

    Do you need office boys, assistants, messengers, etc? No need to go recruiting them as you can easily have as many of them as you like from Power Group Intl.

    Pest Control

    Pests can be a nuisance for any building. They can often soil the places, deteriorate furniture quality, or may be undesirable for other reasons. Power Group Intl provides holistic pest control solutions for your enterprise, whether it is infested by insects, rodents, or termites.

    Security Services

    Power Group Intl can also provide you with security services if different forms. All our security guards are licensed by SIRA (Security Industry Regulatory Agency). We offer specialized security soft service in Dubai for event security, VIP close protection, traffic Marshalls, crowd management solutions, manned guarding, security consultation, CCTV monitoring, security chauffeur, fire warden, lifeguard services, and security bouncers.

    Rope Access Services

    As more and more high-rise buildings and skyscrapers have emerged in the emirate, our rope access services have grown to be the most important professional soft service in UAE.

    Disinfection Services

    Disinfection is the best way of getting rid of pathogens and microbes that can be harmful to human life. Power Group Intl provides convenient and prompt disinfection services.

    Car Wash services

    Our Ecoshine car wash service is an eco-friendly and waterless cleaning soft service in Dubai which helps your business reduces its carbon footprint.

    Maid services

    We offer professional and courteous maids for enterprises.

    Sanitization services

    As a leading soft services company in UAE, we provide holistic sanitizing services to our customers.

    Commercial cleaning

    Apart from the general cleaning mentioned above, we also provide commercial cleaning services for businesses and enterprises.

    Housekeeping services

    We also provide professional housekeeping soft service in Dubai.

    Facade cleaning services

    The facade of your facility is the face of your enterprise, and thus, it is only sensible to have it elaborate and beautiful. However, it is not easy to maintain the same. As a leading soft services company in UAE, we shall provide facade cleaning and maintenance services.

    HVAC Services

    Our HVAC services are among the most demanded services and involve solutions relating to heating, ventilation, and air conditioning equipment.

    Reasons Power Group Intl is the Best of the Best Soft Services Companies in Dubai

    One-stop solution for all soft service facility management needs

    As must be clear from above, we provide 360-degree soft service facility management services to our customers. Hence you don’t have to deal with different vendors and can get all such services in a single place, which also happens to be one of the best soft services companies in Dubai.

    • Reliable

    Power Group Intl is the most trustworthy soft services company in UAE, enjoying the trust of several prestigious clients.

    • Best quality 

    All the services mentioned above are provided by the best-trained professionals. Further, the professional soft service in UAE is provided by using the best tools and technologies in the respective fields.

    • Other services

    Apart from soft service in Dubai, we provide several hard facility management services as well, including tiling, masonry and paintwork, MEP services, and swimming pool cleaning. Apart from that, we also avail power fix solutions relating to plumbing, eclectic solutions, etc.

    To conclude, we are the best soft services company in UAE. Get in touch with us to find all your soft service solutions in a single place.

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