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Our mission is help to people build and maintain safer,
cleaner and healthier facilities.

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Worried about having a party with your friends and family at your home? Don’t want to do all the pre and post-party cleaning yourself? Or are you having a big occasion approaching your home with an ample amount of happiness? Guess you have to worry no more because Power Group has got you covered. We are amongst the best soft service providers in Dubai. Not just the homes, but we also make offices better spaces.

We, at Power Group, aim at providing you with the smoothest experience while you book our soft services. For the uninitiated, soft services refer to tasks such as cleaning, dusting, disinfection, etc., that are meant to make the spaces in the office or the house better for living.

General Cleaning

A clean space is extremely important for the mental as well as physical well-being of individuals. Clean spaces promote positivity and give an organized character to the space. Power Group provides its clients with the best quality cleaning services where experienced staff does manual as well as well-equipped cleaning.

Office Assistance

Offices are way bigger and more cluttered than houses and hence cleaning them is a difficult task. Wider space requires more hands to keep it operating. To provide you with those hands, we help you get in touch with office boys and messengers as per your needs.

Pest Control

Pests are irritating insects that are bound to create a nuisance to the surroundings as well as the health of individuals. Moist climates can breed an ample number of pests and even otherwise, places that are less visited can be home to such insects. Pest control is just a call away for the clients of Power Group.

Security Services

If you leave your home empty too often or have children at home, or even old-aged parents, or otherwise, having a security guard is a good idea. In the offices, security guards are a must, both for security and for status. Installing cameras is good too but a camera can’t take immediate action. To ensure the safety of your space and your loved ones you can book security services with us.

Maid Services

We can also send a maid to your place for regular cleaning and other housekeeping activities. The people sent by us are experienced and trustworthy.

Listed above were our top 5 services but you can check out our website for other ones as well. Power Group provides the best services at affordable rates. Also, one can easily connect with us via our phone number, email ID, or at our office.

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