A Quick Info About Us

Estabished in 1996 by Mr. Ahmed Khalil Darwish & Mr. Mohamed Jahir Hussain, the Power Group of Companies specializes in facilities management, security and cleaning solutions for industrial, commercial and residential projects of all sizes and stature. We ascribe our success to our people and ensure each employee undergoes adequate training and is aware of the needs of the customer value. With a total strength of 4,500 employees, we possess the skills and resources to offer a comprehensive suite of services to support today’s widening FM requirements. Our unique strength is the ability to deliver fully integrated solutions for complex client needs, encompassing cleaning and building maintenance, MEP services, landscaping, waste management and a number of support services. Our skilled labour force & quick adaptability provide our clients with efficient and cost-effective solutions that guarantee long term asset value and enable uninterrupted business operations all along cutting edge CAFM / CMMS. We also emphasize on sustainability and environmental conservation as our key attributes and we continuously educate and motivate our clients to adopt the green initiatives. We adhere to statutory directives and have set elaborate systems and processes to ensure performing excellence, closely conforming to internal as well as international quality benchmarks. Dynamic vision and a diligent workforce come together to deliver tangible results that go beyond customer expectations and pave the way for a lasting relationship. We acknowledge the profound trust and confidence of our customers by seeking to serve their needs better and preserve the smile of satisfaction on their faces.

We are EMPOWERING business efficiency

We do not perceive ourselves as an outsourced solution provider, but as a support partner in your business success. Several years of our experience give us the edge in understanding the industry and market characteristics, further more enabling us to offer change management strategies, create value by identifying emerging opportunities and maintain structural consistency and business continuity. Enhancing your business   efficiency through flexibility and adaptability is yet another key area that we specialize in. Out sourced operations complement your core processes aiding to leverage business flow and growth curve. We understand today’s corporate priorities such as sustainable growth, environment-friendliness and qualitative excellence. Our sustainability initiatives are focused on improving processes and business efficiency. Our solutions are innovative and in accordance with organizational values, contributing to the corporate equity and brand value. Our services are available on a modular basis or all-inclusive packages based on client needs and specifications.

Our Mission

Our  mission is to  help  people build and maintain cleaner and healthier facilities, and our constant endeavour  is an unwavering commitment  to  deliver unique  and sustainable  IFMS solutions.

Our Vision

We envisage being a successful facilities management company providing solutions that complement global standards of excellence by not only meeting client expectations but surpassing it; at the same time ensuring that we comply with the social needs of the country.

Our Strengths

  • Quality maintenance management
  • Best business practices
  • Committed and competent workforce Continuous enhancement of skill sets
  • Approved by relevant government bodies Best of breed professionals
  • Competitive pricing
  • 24/7 customer care and support
  • Mobile tracking system
  • Energy audit
  • Free patrolling for security service
  • Effective mobilization of resources

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