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The Industry with Technological Innovations

The world of facility management is constantly evolving. FM professionals today shoulder the responsibility of not only improving operations and reducing costs, but also creating a better user experience.

In recent years, we have seen dozens of facility management technology solutions take the market by storm. To stay successful in facility management, you need to be able to adapt quickly to these changes. These include more advanced facility management software, mobile applications and most importantly, technologies that reduce human intervention.

This is where Power Group comes into the picture. The company realizes the importance of embracing change with digitization. It also realizes that as buildings become more sophisticated and facilities management gets more complex, technology will play a pivotal role. Addressing new competitive dynamics with digital advancement has taken the front seat. Power Group aims to deliver valued services with digital transformation to stay ahead of the curve and enhance efficiency.

When asked about his thoughts about the use of cleaning technologies in modern times, Dr.Mohamed Jahir Hussain, Vice Chairman & Managing Director, Power Group said, “Quality is of utmost importance when it comes to cleaning service business and technological innovations play a major role in that. Integration of AI and smart cleaning tools boost one’s productivity and make the business much more profitable. With advanced technology, monitoring systems have become much more efficient. One can track and manage the teams remotely. Other than this, there are more sustainable cleaning products available that offer green cleaning without polluting the environment. Smart cleaning makes it safer, economical, and much more efficient for the end users, giving us the opportunity to retain our existing clients and acquire more. Additionally, digital software and real-time data can optimize any property’s performance. We strive to offer excellence in our services and will continue to deliver value.”

He further emphasizes on how cleaning robots are revolutionizing the cleaning industry. They make things easier and enable high quality cleaning without any increased labor costs. “Technology helps us offer customized solutions to our clients and transform the business from reactive to proactive and predictive. With advanced tools and technology, asset optimization, improved productivity and enhanced customer satisfaction is made possible,” he adds.

Pros and cons of using cleaning robots

Using cleaning robots can make it easier to access hard-to-reach areas, operate a customized cleaning schedule and save on time and energy. Though they seem flawless, they do have some limitations. Getting stuck while moving certain objects or cleaning under the couch, also the price of robot cleaners available in the market is very high, and the automated return feature might get affected due to low battery etc. hence, cleaners and robots work together to meet the ever-increasing standards of cleaning.

Cost-effectiveness of robotics

As per research, it is now cheaper to use robots than humans. “Instead of putting in money to buy manual, expensive machinery that is hard to operate; investing in complicated robots that can carry out numerous tasks, is the need of the hour. Advanced robots boost productivity by saving on time and filling the labor shortage gap. Their routine maintenance and upkeep are much lower than adding more headcounts,” analyzes Dr. Mohamed.

As reflected in their management vision, Power Group believes that advancing with the changing trends is important. They take pride in using innovative methods for high standard cleaning and their latest robotic technology, Scrubber 50 will surely be a game changer.

Scrubber 50 – the game changer

Scrubber 50 is an AI-powered autonomous cleaning robot that cleans on schedule without human intervention. The key differentiator is its ability to automatically charge, dispense and refill all by itself. It can perform scrubbing, sweeping, mopping as well as disinfecting with an optional add-on atomizer. It can also be monitored and controlled via a user-friendly and interactive fleet management system.

Groundbreaking autonomous spot cleaning With advanced AI vision sensors, Scrubber 50 Pro can identify contaminations on the floor and autonomously perform spot cleaning where the waste is detected. The robot doesn’t require any human intervention for spot cleaning. It has an in-built feature of 4X improved efficiency with less consumption of water and chemicals.

IoT integration: Scrubber 50 can be integrated with the IoT system of the facility for autonomous elevator riding or fare gate passing.

Challenges it helps end-facilities to overcome

Scrubber 50 can help end-facilities overcome the following challenges:

  • Time-consuming and inefficient manual cleaning Traditional floor scrubbing requires a lot of time and effort, especially for large facilities, which can be expensive and time-consuming. Scrubber 50 can help save time by completing the task efficiently and quickly, thereby saving labor costs and enabling facility managers to allocate resources more efficiently.
  • Safety concerns Manual floor scrubbing can be physically demanding and pose a risk of injury to the cleaning staff. Scrubber 50 can help reduce the risk of injuries by automating the cleaning process.
  • Environmental concerns Traditional floor scrubbing methods often use a lot of water and cleaning chemicals, leading to environmental concerns. Scrubber 50 is designed to use less water and chemicals with its unique 5-stage water filtration system as well as its Auto Spot Cleaning feature.

Scrubber 50 and sustainability go hand-in-hand

Opting for sustainable solutions and being cautious of the environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues is the need of the hour. Scrubber 50 is made of enduring, easy-to-recycle materials. It adopts LFP batteries with a lifespan of 2,000 cycles. Equipped with a water recycling filtration system, Scrubber 50 Pro reduces around 80% of freshwater usage. The Auto Spot Cleaning mode also ensures the most efficient operation path that can save up to 75% energy consumption.

Scrubber 50 can boost staff well-being by enabling employees to work more efficiently and focus on higher-value tasks that lead to a higher sense of fulfillment. It also improves workplace ergonomics and decreases health hazards caused by overexertion, awkward postures and repetitive actions.

Who can use Scrubber 50?

Scrubber 50 can be used across indoor commercial, institutional and industrial facilities, including office buildings, supermarkets, schools, hospitals and factories. With advanced environmental perception and flexible path planning, Scrubber 50 is an ideal choice for complex and dynamic facilities.

Easy maintenance and upkeep

Power Group provides 24/7 cloud-based diagnostics and troubleshooting tools for the machine for cost efficiency and remote management. Service technicians are also made available for further repairs if need be.

srubber 50

Additionally, proper training is given for better usability and completion of tasks within the defined timelines.

Power Group aspires to become the market leader in total facility management services. It offers an array of services to support the functionality and safety of facilities. Here’s a glimpse:


MEP Services MEP also known as Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing services are at the core of any facility and experts at Power Group undergo continuous training to provide efficient services to the clients. From simple repairs to detailed electrical design and installation, they offer meticulous solutions and consultation.

When it comes to plumbing services, be it leaking taps, bursting pipes or gas leakage, Power Group team members are highly skilled to deal with any plumbing emergency.

HVAC services
Their skilled team partners with the clients to provide highest quality services when it comes to installation, repair and maintenance services creating a comfortable workplace with sufficient ventilation.

Power Group provides bespoke carpentry services to match all your needs and beautify your space.

Fire alarm and Detection systems
Safety always comes first. Fire safety is a mandate for every facility, and it begins with having integrated systems in place. The Power Group team ensures stringent checks are in place and strives to create a safe workplace.

Lift & Escalator management
Power Group offers periodic maintenance of lifts and escalators for smooth functioning and better shelf life.

Generator maintenance
Be it inspection, cleaning, repairs or assembling, they offer customized solutions for proper functioning of generators to avoid unnecessary repair costs.

Swimming Pool maintenance
Thorough cleaning and maintenance of swimming pools is done using specialized vacuums and cleaning tools, making it extra clean.

UPS Emergency lighting
Safe lighting helps avoid panic and accidents. Power Group offers integrated emergency lighting solutions to meet the aesthetic demands of a modern workspace.

Web based CMMS
With computerized maintenance management software, Power Group provides innovative solutions for better management of the facility, inventory, assets etc. This further improves business efficiency.

Asset management
Power Group team of experts create cost-effective lifecycle plans that involve strategies to acquire, maintain, operate, or renew assets and improve their shelf life.


Housekeeping & Deep Cleaning Services Ensuring healthy and hygienic surfaces using advanced technology and tools for safe living.


  • HVAC services
  • MEP services
  • Carpentry works
  • Fire alarm & detection systems
  • Lift & escalator
  • Generator maintenance
  • Swimming pool maintenance
  • UPS emergency lighting
  • Web based CMMS
  • Asset management


  • Cleaning Serv
  • Cleaning Services
  • Security & surveillance
  • Car parking management
  • Pest control


  • Rope access and façade cleaning
  • Masonry and painting works
  • Partitions and false Ceilings
  • Tilling works

Security & surveillance
Power Group offers customized security services both long-term and short-term, certified by the Private Security Business Department, Abu Dhabi.

Car parking management
Power Group provides customized car parking solutions for better space management and increased safety.

Pest control
They guarantee a pest-free environment using modern techniques. Their technicians are trained to do a thorough inspection of the sites and detect infestations for complete pest removal.

Water tank cleaning
They specialize in cleaning all kinds of water storage tanks and guarantee clean and safe water that is ideal for consumption in compliance with Dubai Municipality standards.

Green cleaning
Renowned as the first organization in the Middle East to acquire Green Clean Trained certification, Power Group undertakes green initiatives to promote a sustainable environment.


Rope access and façade cleaning
Power Group understands the importance of maintaining the face of a building; it must be aesthetically pleasing and clean to be more welcoming. They use high quality materials and latest equipment to keep your facilities clean and healthy, in compliance with safety regulations.

Masonry and painting services
They aim to transform and beautify your space as per your requirements. They aim to use the right material and colors to make your space look fresh and spacious.

Partitions and false ceilings
Power Group specializes in installing false ceilings and partitions, including both commercial as well as residential sectors. They also ensure maximum utilization of the available space and offer cost- effective solutions.

Tilling Services
Power Group offers hassle-free workmanship when it comes to tilling installation across residences or commercial spaces. They aspire to make it cost- effective and trouble-free to best suit your needs.


  • Power Group was the 1st organization in UAE to receive the Dubai Quality Group award by His Highness Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum in 2011. We were honored to receive the same award again in 2014 by him.
  • Power Group was the 1st organization in UAE to get Green Certified recognition.
  • In 2017, Power Group was ATC certified by BICSc.
  • We were the 1st organization in the UAE to be ISO certified for Pest management.
  • During COVID times, Power Group was certified to be the 7th organization for disinfection services by Dubai Municipality.


Office boys
Power Group provides fully trained and trusted staff members with strong work ethics to assist you in your complete range of office chores. They have staff available from different nationalities to suit your requirement.

24/7 Support
Their customers are at the heart of their business. They offer a toll-free number 800-76937(POWER) to solve all queries, work requests, complaints, or feedback.

Health & Safety
They offer the highest standards of safety with thorough understanding of risks and hazards to maintain a safe workplace for increased productivity.

Innovation is the key to success and the cleaning industry is no exception. Automation is the key for improved performance and delivering greater value to the customers.

Power Group is committed to delivering efficient, high- quality services for enhanced consumer satisfaction. They strive to become the market leaders in total facility management services. They are technologically oriented and aim to acquire digital tools that can promote operational excellence and offer cost-effective solutions to their clients. As we have seen, they believe in delivering value and are passionate to become the most trusted partner to promote a sustainable future.

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