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We are committed to delivering high-quality cleaning services that exceed your expectations, so you can focus on running your business with peace of mind knowing that your facility is in good hands. We understand that keeping your space clean and well-maintained is essential for creating a comfortable and welcoming environment for your employees, clients, and guests. That’s why we offer a comprehensive general cleaning service to ensure that every aspect of your space is spotless and sparkling.

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Carpentry Services

Carpentry Services

The installation of replacement doors and windows is not a task for a handyman who is merely self-taught. The correct fit and installation of new windows and doors is crucial to ensuring they last for many years to come, and to avoid any damage to your home. For this highly specialized skill, Power Fix only uses highly experienced craftsmen. From a single hinge to a complete new partition, we repair and replace all types of UPVC, Carpentry, Aluminium and Glass doors/windows.

Mattress Cleaning

We know how important a night of sleep for your health and well-being is. That’s why we offer a specialized mattress cleaning service to ensure that your bedding is free of dust, dirt, and other allergens that can negatively impact your sleep quality. Our team of expert cleaners uses eco-friendly and safe methods to remove stains, odors, and allergens from your mattress, leaving it fresh and clean. With our mattress cleaning service, you can enjoy a more hygienic sleeping environment and improved sleep quality.

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Power Group Intl - Get Top Carpenter Service in UAE @ Power Group Intl

Wood has been the chosen material for construction purposes and for furniture across various civilisations since the dawn of civilisation. In modern times, it continues to be an invaluable part of modern outdoor and indoor constructions and furniture. As a result, every facility needs carpenter service in UAE every once in a while.

Reasons for Needing Carpenter Service in UAE

The following are some of the reasons you might need a carpenter in Dubai:

Maintenance and Repair

One of the most common reasons our carpenter service in UAE is requested is for routine maintenance and for repairs. From repairing broken furniture and repairing damaged wooden structures to replacing worn-out parts wherever necessary, our carpenters can provide all these services.

Furniture Construction and Customisation

One of the most significant advantages of using wood is that it renders finished products flexible. You may also request the construction of new furniture or have it customised to your needs with the help of our carpenter in Dubai.

Interior Design and Renovation

You might also need a carpenter in Dubai if your place is undergoing an interior design change or some other renovations. Wood might be used in several elements that are a part of its interior decor, including doors, windows, skirting boards, mouldings, trims, etc. That can help give the place a fresh look.

Outdoor Structures

Similarly, you may also request our carpenter service in UAE for any outdoor structure for your building, such as fences, sheds, pergolas, etc.

Flooring and Decking 

Another reason you might request our carpenter in Dubai is to install or repair wooden floors or decks.

Any Other Purpose

Apart from the reasons mentioned above, you can request our carpenter service in UAE for any other purpose as well.

Power Group Intl – the Best Carpenter Services Company in Dubai

Power Group Intl has established itself as the best carpenter services company in Dubai due to several reasons, including the following:

Aesthetically appealing results

As a leading carpenter services company in UAE, we guarantee that our reasons will be aesthetically appealing that shall do credit to your interior and exterior decor. Further, if your interior or exterior already has a theme, we shall help ensure that the additions or modifications you make through our service shall align with those themes.

360-degree carpentry solutions

Carpentry services can be required for several things – doors, windows, frames, compartments, closets, chairs, tables, beds, floorings, deckings, railings, etc. Further, you may need services for construction, renovations, repairs, maintenance, etc. Similarly, you might require our service for a short term or long term. You can find all these with a single carpenter services company in UAE, that is, Power Group Intl.

Durable constructions or furniture

One of the reasons we have become the best carpenter services company in Dubai is that our carpenter team always delivers durable and lasting wooden works, whether as furniture or as fittings.

Get served by the best

We are selective when it comes to choosing carpenters for our team, and they further undergo training to ensure the best service for our clients.

Best tools

Carpentry is an art, but much like any other art, it requires the right tools for execution. Thus, we make a point of equipping our carpenters with the best tools for their job.


We are a carpenter services company in UAE that appreciates your unique needs and preferences, and our team shall deliver on custom wood projects.


We are also the best carpenter services company in Dubai when it comes to providing budget-friendly services for our customers.

Prompt services

As a leading carpenter services company in UAE, we avail prompt and timely services to our clients.

Other services

Apart from carpenter service in UAE, we offer several other services, including hard services like swimming pool cleaning, plumbing services, etc.; soft services like sanitisation, disinfection, car washing, etc. and power fixes like HVAC services, electrical services, etc. In short, we can be your single-stop solution for all types of carpentry jobs.

To conclude, we are a cost-effective way of getting customised, durable and aesthetically appealing carpentry solutions. Thus, if you are in need of a carpenter, we are the best carpenter services company in UAE for you, so request our services to have premium woodwork.

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