Rope Access

We offer enterprise-wide cleaning services to myriad organizations, like Empost, DU Properties, Towers, Malls, Hospitals, Mosque, Residential and Commercial Towers. Deploying advanced tools and technologies to ensure a healthy and safe living environment, we serve all your cleaning needs keeping an eye on environment friendliness and customer satisfaction in a cost effective manner. Apart from personnel, we provide our own tools, equipment and supplies as well as Workman&rsquo Compensation Insurance and General Liability Insurance to protect our clients and their premises. Rope access is fast becoming the preferred method of carrying out inspections and tests. It is finding usage in various industries across the globe as it allows safe and rapid access to remote locations for a wide range of inspection, testing and structural engineering functions. Our experienced personnel are professionally trained to carry out this work. The versatility of rope access services permits more flexible and comprehensive inspection programs. Our professional approach ensures high safety standards and hence enjoys a good track record. Exterior cleaning of high rise structures is yet another area of our expertise. We employ specially trained personnel equipped with advanced tools and access methods to ensure proper cleaning of glass facades, glass roofs, skylights etc. conforming to stringent health and safety regulations.