Housekeeping Services

As a leading cleaning services provider in UAE, through our registered cleaning division, we provided world-class housekeeping services to hotels across UAE.

Considering the cost of managing a number of housekeepers, we provide this services on a short contract basis; daily, weekly, and monthly. This undoubtedly will help you reduce the cost of running and maintaining the housekeepers, as you will not need to worry about visa cost, accommodation cost, transport cost, and other expenses. Additional, our housekeepers are trained and trusted, hence you can rest assured of getting quality housekeeping services.

Our expertise has earned us a number of deals with other key players in the hospitality industry, and we will like to extend same services to you.

Some of the things our trained housekeepers will do...


  • Dust all furniture
  • Vacuum the entire room
  • Make the beds with the linen provided by the hotel, we will be certain the o inspect the linen to be sure it’s free of stains, tears and is in good condition.
  • Clean all doors


  • Clean bathtubs/showers
  • Clean shower doors/walls & fixtures
  • Clean sink, mirrors & vanities
  • Shine chrome
  • Re-stock hotel amenities
  • Clean toilet top to bottom
  • Sweep and mop entire area
  • Clean all doors

Public Spaces

  • Highly trained cleaners will clean and upkeep all hotel’s public spaces, this includes deep cleaning on daily bases.
  • All restrooms (grout, toilets, mirrors, floors, etc.)
  • Lobby areas (molding, picture frames, front desk, floor, doors, etc.)
  • Cafeterias (clean/dust tables, picture frames, molding, TVs)
  • Outside grounds (all garbage pick-up, sidewalk clean of stains)
  • Business center (clean dust all the furniture, all computers, picture frames, carpet/floors, doors, etc.)
  • Gym (dust/clean all the machines, floor, re-stock of towels, etc.)
  • Hallways (dust, vacuum)
  • Elevators (clean and polish)
  • Stairwells
  • Employee areas
  • Ground floor windows

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