Energy Management

Power Group first implements energy- and demand-reducing measures in our operations and then look for opportunities to cost-effectively replace conventional technologies with ones using renewable energy sources. Energy Audit is an effective energy management tool. By identify-ing and implementing the means to achieve energy efficiency and conservation, not only can energy savings be achieved, but also equipment/system services life can be extended. All these mean savings in money. Based on the principle of “The less energy is consumed, the less fossil fuels will be burnt”, the power supply companies will generate relatively less pollutants and by-products. Therefore, all parties concerned contribute to conserve the environment and to enhance sustainable development. Carrying out energy efficiency improvements in sites are not simply about energy technologies and systems, it is also about financing and budgets. In Energy Audit, the means to achieve energy efficiency and conservation is technically more appropriate to be called Energy Management Opportunity (EMO), which will be used in the remainder of these Guidelines. According to the cost and the complexity for implementation, EMOs are classified as follows:- EMO 1 EMO II EMO III. For us energy efficiency is an integral part of corporate strategic planning and risk assessment. It is not treated like just another cost management issue, or as a sustainability “hoop” to jump through. It`s a of part of an ethos and a corporate culture in which energy efficiency is essential to a thriving enterprise in the 21st century. It is an ongoing part of our aspirations and metrics for itself, and is understood, talked about, and acted upon at all levels of the organization.


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