Ecoshine Car Wash carts are not only mobile, luxurious and convenient; they are also 100% eco-friendly, and help save millions of liters of water annually. We believe this innovative idea is the future of Car Wash across the world. It’s time to say goodbye to the old and welcome the new. So no more, isolated buildings, hoses, compressors, water facilities, messy floors, chemicals, and electricity; the new more innovative and productive concept creates an ease for the service provider as well the customer. The concept is taking over by storm. Salient Features: Eco-friendly (no usage of electricity; significant reductions in water consumption/ wastage) Maximum usage of 3 liters of water per vehicle Accredited by International Car Wash Association No spillage of water in parking area No water stains on parking floors 6 internationally recognized steps to wash any vehicle Usage of microfiber towels for car surfaces Usage of biodegradable solutions to guarantee no damage to the paint/ body of vehicle Protecting the surface of the vehicles from UV(ultra violet) rays No usage of shampoo, soap and commonly used detergents Fully trained staff with complete car washing technical knowledge and know-how

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